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The Ultimate Solution for your Lifestyle


“Get the Skinny on Life”



From styling to wardrobe organizing, Skinny Executives will help you create the perfect desired look.


From weekend getaways to the trip of a lifetime, Skinny Executives will help you organize the perfect voyage.


From domestic staffing to home décor, Skinny Executives will provide you with impeccable Estate Management.


From the floral arrangements to the food served, Skinny Executives will certainly seduce your guests.


The Company

  • Estate Management across multiple properties.
  • Create and implement proper household protocol.
  • Manage staff and supervise proper training.
  • Refurbish client’s wardrobes and residences.
  • Liaise with vendors and coordinate logistics.
  • Collaborate with interior decorators.
  • Produce and organize events.
  • Implement hosting etiquette.
  • Accomplish comprehensive home organization.

Lifestyle Connoisseurs, that is, expert judges in matter of taste. From Fashion to Travel and Domestic to Event planning affairs. Alan & Enrique have been coined by their clients as the Problem Solvers of Beverly Hills.

Skinny Executives is designed to improve every aspect of your life with a one-stop shop feel. We can produce, plan and organize anything that you do not have the time or the patience to do yourself.

To enhance the lives of our clients by sharing the pearls of wisdom we have acquired throughout the years. This knowledge is only as valuable as the people we can share it with, and by doing so we enhance the proper self-image as well as the confidence of our clients. We have worked with a wide range of clients providing a strong culture of discretion and confidentiality.

Meet Us

Alan  & Enrique are Lifestyle Connoisseurs from Fashion to Travel and Domestic to Event planning affairs. They work directly with their clients to plan and execute the overall management of their residences.

Skinny Executives compliment each other. Enrique is a Law & Business graduate with experience in Real Estate and Estate Management. Alan is a Life Coach with over 10 years of experience as a Fashion Stylist and Executive Assistant to Beverly Hills’ most important families.

With very different upbringings and vital experiences, Alan and Enrique agree on the fundamental principles of hard work, perseverance and resilience. Their extensive knowledge of their clients’ needs makes both of them reliable and professional Lifestyle Connoisseurs.


The Skinny Executives

Alan McCune was born and raised in a small town in Texas, where he survived a tumultuous childhood. He was abandoned by his mother as a baby and lost his brother in a tragic accident at an early age. Hope, faith and determination encouraged him to find a better life. Alan created the ability to see beauty in everything, turning what he thought was a curse into what years later served to enhance his unparalleled sense of style. He can “fashionize” anyone or anything! Fortunately, Alan’s future held nothing but a roaring success, fueled by his drive and passion for life and the talent for shaping and enhancing the lives of his clients. Alan first came to Los Angeles on a modeling assignment and never left. His determination and conviction, matched with his savvy street-sense served him well as he carved a name for himself in LA. Some of Alan’s biggest accomplishments have been working as a stylist to A-list celebrities and Los Angeles’ elite, while becoming an executive assistant to one of the most influential business moguls in Beverly Hills. Alan’s upbeat personality and his drive to succeed enables him to continue his work tackling any challenge ahead of him. He is the author of two fantasy novels, “Annabella and the Secret of the Mirrors” and “Annabella and the Return of the Mirrors”, with his third novel in the process of being published.


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Enrique Godoy Ynzenga was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. During his childhood he travelled extensively with his parents within Europe and the United States, where he was exposed to the American culture and way of life. He obtained his Law & Business degree from the most prestigious university in Spain, Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (ICADE), where he graduated with honors. His perfect command of the English, Spanish and French languages, in addition to his international  background, make him an ideal candidate to service the wealthy and sophisticated elite. Enrique has excellent communication and problem-solving skills, which enable him to multitask while maintaining focus on priority assignments. He is highly organized and detail oriented. Enrique is a real estate agent and Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions in Beverly Hills, where he assists his clients, customers and friends from all parts of the world providing them with unsurpassed service. Enrique’s  professionalism jointly with his education and cordial personality, make him most efficient at serving and protecting the best interest of his clients.

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